Pest Control Seasons

Pest Control Seasons We are often asked if different pests have different seasons for peak activity. The answer for most pests is yes, and for the remainder there are times of the year where their activity is certainly increased, or at least more noticeable. The calendar below gives a summary graphical representation of the most […]

Pest Control Traps

We often get asked which traps are the best pest control traps. The simple answer is that there are many different types of pest control traps and each serves its own purpose depending on various factors, such as the target pest species, the location of pest activity, the pests current food source, and whether the […]

Mole Pest Control

Moles, Molehills and Tunnels Whilst moles appear sweet and gentle to some, moles, molehills and tunnels cause significant issues for property owners and farmers. It is for these reasons that mole pest control is important. The tunnels can collapse resulting in accidents and injury to people or animals, whilst the earth mounds (molehills) they create […]

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