Pest Control Seasons

Pest Control Calendar

Pest Control Seasons

We are often asked if different pests have different seasons for peak activity. The answer for most pests is yes, and for the remainder there are times of the year where their activity is certainly increased, or at least more noticeable.

The calendar below gives a summary graphical representation of the most common pests and their times of peak or reduced activity. The greyed-out squares are times when it is unlikely that particular pest shows any noticeable activity.

However, as with nature in general, the calendar is just a rough guide. It has been known to see an active wasp nest as late into the winter as early December, and honeybees have been known to swarm in September; so whilst there are broad pest control seasons, pest activity can be influenced by many factors, including:

  • Seasonal variations (such as an abnormally warm spring, autumn or winter)
  • Indoor temperatures and humidity
  • Natural food source availability
  • Absence of predators
  • Disturbance of a nest
  • Damage to a sewer or part of a building, permitting access

Some predominantly indoor-only pests such as cockroaches and bedbugs are also transported from premises to premises in furniture or suitcases etc, and show less seasonal activity. Pests such as fleas are also usually only a problem when pets have not received recent preventative treatment.

Lifecycles of pests also cause fluctuations in their activity. Some pests, such as wasps, only really become noticeable around the middle to end of the summer when the numbers in a nest are at their greatest (up to around ten thousand in some instances!); whereas all bees (which incidentally are not really pests, just insects in problematic locations in some instances) all have very short lifecycles.

As you will see from the calendar, the winter is generally the quietest time for overall pest activity, although there is always enough work to keep us busy, particularly with rodents, bedbugs and cockroaches. The busiest pest control seasons are the spring, summer and autumn, this is when we really appreciate the light evenings too as it enables us to work later, fitting in appointments through the evening to suit customers preferences too.


Whatever the season, the day of the week, or the pest problem; please don’t hesitate to contact iX5 Pest Control, as we are always here to help. If you require assistance or advice on any pest matter, please contact us here or call us on 01604 328545

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Pest Control Calendar
Pest Control Seasons

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