Bee Removal

bee removal

Bee Removal

Bees are an essential part of our eco-system, by collecting nectar from the plants, flowers, crops and trees they pollinate the plants, helping them to grow, breed and produce food. The vast majority of plants we rely on for food rely on pollination. There are over 200 types of bees in the UK and the different types require different treatments. Bees are not a protected species and can be treated, however as 25% of bee types are endangered, we will always explore other avenues like relocation and will only consider eradication as an extreme last resort.

Bee Swarms

Swarming is the honey bees natural way of forming new colonies. A swarm of honey bees is a large cloud of usually thousands of bees which is temporarily formed whilst the bee scouts search for a new nesting site. These swarms may temporarily settle in a tree or shrub, and they will normally move on within 24-48 hours. It is advisable not to approach or disturb a swarm, the chances of being stung are very low, but it is best to keep away. We recommend contacting us or another beekeeper as soon as you spot a swarm, otherwise they may take up residence in a chimney or other part of  a property, which can become very expensive to remove once established. You can find your nearest honey bee swarm collector using The British Beekeepers Association Swarm Collector map which can be found here:

Honey Bees

At iX5 Pest Control we have our own apiary which is located deep in the Northamptonshire countryside. Whenever we are called out to deal with a bee nest or bee swarm removal, honey bees are always rehomed either in our own traditional wooden hives or we gift them to other bee keepers. To find out more about our Honey Bee Service please click here.

Bee Removal

Bees usually choose a sheltered area to nest. In domestic settings this can be under roof tiles, in wall cavities, in the eaves of garages and sheds, in chimneys, on tree branches, and some species will build their nest in the ground often utilising abandoned rodent holes. It is worth noting that bees do not generally cause damage to property nor do they pose a danger if left alone and unprovoked. However, they can swarm which can be alarming and they can nest in extremely inconvenient places. On warm summer days bees are generally more active, so, it is understandable that we get a lot of calls for bee nest removal and bee swarm collections. If you do have concerns regarding bees get in touch with iX5 Pest Control. We will conduct a thorough survey and detail our recommended solutions, including advising on preventative measures. We use a range of control strategies depending on various factors such as the location, the extent of activity, and any sensitive receptors or non-target species. We offer bee removal services for domestic premises and businesses in Northampton, Daventry, Rugby, Market Harborough, Towcester, Brackley, Wellingborough, Kettering, Corby, Olney and all of the surrounding areas. Our team of specialists are available both evenings and weekends at no extra cost. Should you require assistance call us on 01604 328545, email [email protected] or use our simple contact form.

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