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Problems with Bed Bugs?

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At iX5 Pest Control we are well versed in dealing and eradicating bed bug infestations. Often thought to no longer be a modern issue, we have noticed that bed bugs are once again on the rise.

Forget the stigma

Having bed bugs is not as some believe a sign of a dirty home. Bed bugs are hitchhikers and can travel into your property in second-hand furniture, clothing, suitcases and other types of material.

Great at Hide and Seek

Bed bugs, like most pests are championship winners at hide and seek, they will often hide at the back of furniture, in electrical sockets, headboards, under rugs, in skirting boards, basically any tiny crevice in a room where a human frequents.

Dinner Time

Bed bugs feed on human blood, if you wake up with itchy bites and you don’t know where they come from it might be time to inspect your bedding, bed and soft furnishings. You might have a  bed bug infestation!

Multimethod Extermination

At iX5 Pest Control we utilise a multi-method approach to exterminating bed bugs once and for all. We will utilise a steam treatment which will kill bed bugs upon contact and for those tricky bugs that are hiding in dark cracks and crannies, we will treat the room with Residual Insecticide and an ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Treatment.

There When You Need Us!

We are available 7 days a week, with both evening and weekend appointments available. Call us during office hours on 01604 328545 alternatively complete this short form and we will call you back to arrange a free initial survey. 

Don’t Ignore The Signs

Bed bugs do not die off over the Winter nor will they dissipate on their own. To prevent the spread and get in touch and let us deal with this pesky problem so that you can sleep well at night!

Commercial Concerns?

If you run a hotel, B&B, Care Home or other hospitality venue and you suspect you have an infestation get in touch, we are well versed with working quickly and safely to ensure your residents and visitors rest soundly at night. Want to see how we work? Read how we helped a local care home get rid of their unwanted visitors!

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