About iX5 Pest Control

about iX5 Pest Control

About iX5 Pest Control

iX5 Pest Control is your, local Pest Control specialist, providing an efficient, friendly service for all pest problems in and around Northampton, Daventry, Towcester, Wellingborough, Kettering, Olney, Rugby, Market Harborough and the surrounding areas and villages.

From our base just outside Northampton, we offer both commercial and domestic pest control and preventative solutions. iX5 Pest Control is owned and operated by a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner, with a Masters degree in Public Health, Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health, and recognised qualifications in Pest Control. As such, we are uniquely placed to offer a holistic approach to all pest problems. All work is undertaken by trained, qualified Pest Control technicians, so your pest control problems are in safe hands!

How We Work

We always undertake an initial survey and set out clearly what our recommendations are regarding treatment or proofing, prior to undertaking any works, so customers are not presented with any unexpected surprises following treatment.

Where possible we use non-toxic methods of pest control. However, we have access to the full range of insecticides and pesticides and latest specialist equipment should these be necessary. Following treatment we can advise on pest proofing and other prevention measures. Where pest activity poses a public health risk (such as rats, mice and cockroaches) we also offer an enhanced cleaning and disinfection service using the latest equipment and techniques.

We pride ourselves on offering safe and effective solutions. We never take risks when it comes to your health or safety, and we guarantee satisfaction for every job undertaken. Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients have to say:


More Than Pest Control

iX5 Pest Control offer so much more than Pest Control, we also offer Support Services, Environmental Health consultancy services, live Honey Bee Removal and Pest Control Equipment sales.

iX5 Pest Control


Pest Control Equipment

We can supply a vast range of equipment including electronic fly killers, fly screens, fly curtains, bird proofing devices, mattress covers, drain flaps and monitoring equipment to assist reduce the risks of pest activity, all at very competitive prices. We also offer a fitting service for all equipment we sell. Find out more about the pest control equipment we can provide here.

Environmental Health Services

As our company employs qualified environmental health professionals, we are able to offer a full range of consultancy services to food businesses, and other business operations. We are familiar with all relevant legislation in respect of food hygiene, health & safety, public health, environmental protection, housing and licensing.

Where necessary, we can act as your competent person / advisor and are able to liaise with enforcement officers or others on your behalf. Our involvement can help reduce the risk of legal action being taken for infestations in food businesses; and where legal action is being considered by the authorities, we are able to assist you. Additionally, we can advise landlords and tenants on relevant matters in domestic settings. To find out more about the Environmental Health Services we provide click here.

about ix5 pest control

Honey Bee Swarm Collections; and Live Colony Removal and Relocation

At iX5 Honey Bees we recognise the important role Honey Bees play in the ecosystem. They are the most common pollinating insect and it is estimated that a third of the food we consume is reliant on pollination which is performed mainly by Honey Bees. Without pollinators like the Honey Bee many of the crops we consume would die out. When it comes to Honey Bee swarm removal, we always rehome the bees, either in our own hives or we gift the swarm to another keeper, often a beginner. To find out more about our Honey Bee Swarm Removal service please click here.

iX5 Pest Control - Trusted With Results

So, whether you have pest activity that needs eradicating, want peace of mind with effective pest preventative measures, need qualified Environmental Health advice or if you have unwanted Honey Bees and would like us to rehome them, you can rely on iX5 Pest Control! Call us on 01604 328545 email [email protected] or complete our simple contact form and we will give you a call!

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