Author : MattODonnell

What are honeybee swarms and where do they go? (OR Help – I’ve got honeybees in my building!)

What are Honeybee Swarms? Each year between around April and July, almost every colony of honeybees will naturally swarm. This is regardless of whether the colony is kept in a hive by a beekeeper or is a feral colony living naturally in a tree or other location. Swarming is the honeybees natural method of reproduction. […]

Honeybee Cut-Outs

Honeybee Cut-Outs At iX5 Pest Control we are seeing a huge increase in the number of enquiries about our honeybee removal work (sometimes known as honeybee cut-outs). In the last 3 weeks we have undertaken a number of honeybee removal jobs, including removing an established colony from the ceiling of a listed building, another colony […]

What Should I Ask When Making a Pest Control Enquiry?

What Should I Ask When Making an Enquiry With a Pest Control Company? What Should I Ask When Making a Pest Control Enquiry? It is unlikely that many people would have considered what they should be asking a pest control company, at least until they have pest activity and need prompt advice. However, asking the right […]

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