Cockroaches Are More Common Than You Might Think!


Many people I talk to are surprised to hear that cockroaches are more common than you might think in the UK. However, when you consider the rate they can multiply and how easy cockroaches and their eggs can be transferred between different locations, it should really come as no surprise.

How Do Cockroaches Infest a Property?

Whilst different cockroaches have different abilities to climb and different preferred habitats, the primary modes of transfer are second-hand furniture and particularly second-hand kitchen appliances (due to their preference to inhabit kitchen environments so they are near food and water supplies); corrugated cardboard boxes; suitcases and bags, amongst others. We therefore recommend you are extremely careful if buying any second hand equipment or furniture.

Cockroaches can also easily move between accommodation units in blocks of flats, apartments, student accommodation, or terraced and semi-detached properties using service ducts or other structural gaps.

Cockroaches in Food Businesses

Due to the diseases they carry, cockroaches are considered a public health pest and if found in a food business, immediate action should be taken to protect public health. It is a legal requirement under Para 4, Chapter IX, Annex II of Regulation (EC) No 852/2004  for all Food Business Operators to ensure adequate procedures are to be in place to control pests, and this includes cockroaches. Where there is evidence of an infestation in food preparation or storage rooms, it is recommended that the premises should cease food preparation and remain closed at least until a competent pest control company has visited and assessed the extent of activity. It is likely that if an Environmental Health Practitioner visits and sees evidence of cockroach activity, they may well use formal closure powers where a Food Business Operator has chosen to continue operating with an infestation present.

Further Information on Cockroaches

More detail on cockroaches can be found here.

If You Have a Cockroach Infestation, Don’t Delay, Act Today!

If you believe you may have a cockroach infestation, we recommend you do not delay, and call us today as infestations will not just disappear on their own, and if left uncontrolled, will grow exponentially. There is also the risk of disease as they contaminate all surfaces they come into contact with. We do not recommend you try to self-treat cockroaches with residual insecticide sprays as this is unlikely to be successful. We have access to a wide range of commercially available treatment methods that work swiftly and effectively to resolve even the most heavy and widespread infestations and we also offer monitoring solutions too.

If you require assistance or advice with cockroaches or any other pest matter, please contact us here or call us on 01604 328545

Cockroaches Are More Common Than You Might Think!

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