Why Use a Pest Control Company?

It may seem a simple question but there are many factors which influence the decision to use a pest control company to help resolve pest problems.

This blog is intended to help you understand the key reasons people use a professional pest control company and the benefits of doing so.

So Why Use a Professional Pest Control Company?

When anyone has pest activity, the first thing they will likely consider is whether they might be able to resolve the problem themselves. This could be something as simple as removing the cause of increased fly activity (such as rotting fruit), or using a domestically available insecticide spray to knock down flies. However, not all pest problems are so straightforward.

Whether it is flying insects, rodents, crawling insects or other pests, professional pest control technicians have an in-depth understanding of all key pest species, their lifecycles and breeding patterns, potential food sources, likely access points and harbourage, the range of treatment methods that could be deployed, and the benefits or risks with each of these.

What Are The Benefits?

When using a professional pest control company you can be confident that as well as having the knowledge and expertise to safely, quickly and humanely eradicate the problem and advise on proofing or other methods of preventing further activity; the pest control technician will also have access to a range of toxic and non-toxic treatments, a range of traps and a wide range of other equipment to assist them.

It is always important to understand the most appropriate treatment method, and the most appropriate insecticide or rodenticide to use, taking account of things like the presence of pets or children, the local environment and other factors. Using the wrong insecticide or rodenticide or the wrong application technique can make things much, much worse.

One example of this might be a Pharaoh’s ant infestation. Most people would likely assume all ants can be treated with domestically available ant powder. In the case of Pharaoh’s ants, this would be the very worst thing to do as it will cause the ants to split into satellite colonies, spreading further and causing a much greater infestation. However, how many people would be able to correctly identify a Pharaoh’s ant when compared to a Black, Red or Argentine ant? (Incidentally, Argentine ants have similar satellite-colony forming abilities to the Pharaoh’s ant). Likewise, incorrect application of toxic bait for rats can cause bait-shyness, resulting in a much more difficult problem to resolve.

Trapping also requires significant knowledge and understanding of the target species behaviours and dietary preferences, so the right type of trap can be set in the right location, with the right bait; otherwise rodents can become trap-shy.

Additional Benefits of Using iX5 Pest Control

When using iX5 Pest Control, you will be procuring a service that also includes amongst other things:

  • competent professional advice
  • comprehensive knowledge of all relevant legislation
  • access to a service that carries a wide range of equipment and professional-use substances
  • access to the most up to date technological solutions
  • access to a range of specialist expert advice and support, including a free insect identification service where these cannot be identified during a visit
  • a service which includes safe and legal removal of all waste generated
  • all work covered by Public Liability insurance
  • a report left at every visit, so you have a written record of all work undertaken and advice given
  • a 7-day service with evening appointments available to suit you
  • swift, effective and bespoke solutions

If you require assistance or advice on any pest matter, please contact us here or call us on 01604 328545

Why Use a Pest Control Company?

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