Spider Pest Control

Spider Pest Control

Spider Pest Control

Arachnophobes…look away now! Love them or hate them, spiders are seemingly everywhere at this time of year, lurking in the corners of bedrooms, scurrying across kitchen floors or maybe even attempting the backstroke in the bath. The first instinct upon seeing a spider for many is to recoil and run! Should we, however, be embracing the presence of the spider instead? In this article, we look at spiders in our homes during the Autumn months and some natural methods employed by some people to repel these little (and some not so little… ‘I swear it was the size of my hand!’) eight-legged creatures.

Why Do Spiders Come Inside In Autumn?

It’s a common misconception that spiders come into our homes during the Autumn to seek out shelter and warmth from the changing elements. It might not make you sleep well to know that spiders are always lurking in your home – they just stay hidden for the most part in their tiny dark lairs. So, what drives them out of their hidey-hole? Well, it’s often the desire to mate before the male dies and is eaten by the female. Who says romance is dead?

Are Spiders Harmful or Should I Welcome Them?

Of the 650+ species of the arachnid classification that live in the UK, only a handful of the species are seen in our homes, most commonly the Giant House Spider. Spiders do bite, this is how they render their prey defenceless, but most are totally harmless to us, with only 12 variants capable of inflicting a nasty bite. Spiders are really a housekeeper’s friend as they provide great pest control completely free! They feast on pests such as cockroaches, flies, earwigs and moths. Falling in love with them yet? No? Then read on…

Tips For Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Home

Begin your first line of defence outside. Spiders love to lurk in dark places with lots of potential food sources, and your shed, compost heap or woodpile ready for winter fires make great places. As do Autumn leaf piles and the last grass clippings of the Summer, so keep all these away from the exterior walls of your home. Cracks make perfect entry points so sealing these with simple caulk or other materials from any hardware or DIY store will do the trick. Fine mesh (with very small holes) to cover any vents will also help prevent access.

Bright external lights and rubbish bins overflowing with waste will attract a spider’s favourite meal – flying insects. Consider turning off your lights or, if they cannot be turned off, replace them with sodium vapour lights that emit a lower glow; and ensure your bins are sealed tightly shut and away from your exterior walls (please see our blog article for further tips about keeping pests away from your bins) and therefore not attract a ready-made buffet for a spider. The same goes for your kitchen bins too – regular emptying and keep tightly shut when not in use.

Home Remedies Said to Prevent Spiders Infestations

Unfortunately, whilst there are treatments that can be undertaken for spiders, in most cases, there is no sure-fire way for a pest control company to permanently eradicate spiders from your home. There are simply too many entry points for pest control treatments to be effective. So, what about other remedies?

You may have heard of placing conkers in the corners of rooms to repel spiders and wondered if it works? Unfortunately, there is no concrete proof or scientific research to say that it does. In fact, 10 years ago, a group of primary school children were honoured by The Royal Society of Chemistry for their work to actually disprove this theory. Conkers can also be harmful to some pets too so we would not recommend having them sprinkled around the home.  

Amongst the many other home remedies to prevent our 8-legged friends, there are a few aromas that are thought to be off-putting to spiders: peppermint oil, tea tree, lavender, rose, citrus, cedarwood and garlic are the most common scents put to use in the battle against spiders. Essential oils can be placed in a diffuser to ensure the aroma carries throughout your home or simply fill a bottle with warm water and a few drops of the oil and spray sparingly in the corners and along skirting boards. If nothing else your home will smell delightful!

Cedarwood balls and blocks can be used instead of conkers to attempt to stop spiders and they can help repel moths too – win-win! If the thought of using scents doesn’t appeal, some people try white vinegar and water in equal parts in a spray bottle, just be careful around varnished surfaces.

Want to eradicate spiders from your garden? Some suggest planting a Eucalyptus tree will help to keep your garden clear.

It is important to remember when trying home remedies, any pets you have. Make sure the remedies you try are not harmful to the other inhabitants of your home.

Need Assistance With Pest Control?

We hope this article has given you some useful tips on attempting to keep spiders away from your home or perhaps you’ve changed your view on their presence? Please note that the remedies described in this article are not endorsed by us, nor can we attest to their effectiveness. Have you got a tried and tested spider repellent you’d like to share? Why not comment below.

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Spider Pest Control

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