Rat Proofing in Drains

Rat Proofing in Drains

Rat Proofing in Drains

Rats are known to be prevalent in sewers throughout the country. This gives them an underground highway direct to every property connected to mains drainage, and a significant number of rat infestations in properties can be linked to drainage.

This could be through collapsed, defective or incorrectly installed drainage pipework allowing rats to burrow out of the sewers, or through rats simply exploring drainage networks and ending up chewing through often used flexible piping at the rear of your toilet.

Identifying the Access

With all rodent activity in properties it is important to identify how they gained access, as without doing this, there is always potential for further activity. Here at iX5 Pest Control we use a number of techniques, and this is where a pre-treatment survey is extremely important. We survey your property and in most instances a thorough survey will identify the access. However, in some cases things are a little more tricky and require other measures. Use of tracking dust, remote cameras, specialist investigative equipment and drainage surveys can all help to work out the exact point of access.


Once the access has been identified we then determine the best method for eradicating the current infestation and preventing further ingress. Often this can be as simple as filling a hole in an external wall, but sometimes it requires a different approach. Where defective drainage is identified, we are able to arrange repair of this, regardless of the location of the defect. We work closely with specialist drainage companies who can resolve even the most complex or difficulty to access defects. This will prevent the risk of further rat activity arising. We also use other techniques and one additional safeguard can be to fit a ‘rat flap’ in an inspection chamber on the drainage run-out from the property, before it joins the main sewer. This is a specially designed stainless-steel device that fits securely into the pipework, and has a hinged one-way valve that permits unobstructed flow of effluent away from your property but prevents rats coming any further up the drainage pipework. It is a discreet and cost effective solution to reduce the risk of rat activity associated with defective drainage. The picture above shows a rat flap before installation, and the pictures below show a rat flap in-situ.

If you require assistance in resolving rodent activity, need more advice when it comes to rat proofing in drains or are interested in advice on prevention measures and proofing, please contact us here or call us on 01604 328545

Rat Proofing in Drains

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