A18 Goodnature Grey Squirrel Trap Review

A18 Goodnature Grey Squirrel Trap Review

A18 Goodnature Grey Squirrel Trap Review

Having tried and tested a variety of squirrel traps available on the market, this particular model offers a unique blend of efficiency, safety, and ease of use. Here’s our experience:

Design and Structure

The squirrel trap’s sturdy design is apparent from the get-go. With its separate metal cover, it provides durability and ensures the squirrels can’t cause any damage by sitting on top or chewing it. This design ensures that the trap remains effective for a long time, providing value for money.

Safety and Functionality

A warning sign that can be purchased with the trap reads, “Do not touch will cause injury”. This is no understatement. The device works when a curious squirrel, lured by the bait in top of the trap, pops its head up, thereby triggering a needle mechanism. This mechanism activates a small gas canister, which powers a bolt, delivering a quick and humane end. The process is designed to be instant.

Price and Value

At a cost of £169.00 for the trap and an additional £34.95 (Aug 2023) for the metal cover, some might initially hesitate. However, given its longevity and self-resetting capability, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment. To put it into perspective, the cost of the trap is roughly equivalent to one round of professional trapping visits. Plus, with a built-in counter, users can easily keep track of how many times the trap has been triggered.


The trap’s efficacy speaks for itself. In a test, seven squirrels were captured in just 36 hours, indicating its reliable performance.


Another bonus is the trap’s self-sustaining mechanism. After every 18 deployments, users simply need to change the gas canister – a straightforward process. However, it’s essential to note that users are responsible for the disposal of deceased squirrels.


The primary challenge some users might face is disposing of the carcasses. While services like iX5 Pest Control offer disposal, users of this trap need to handle this aspect themselves.

For those looking for an efficient, humane, and durable squirrel pest control solution, this trap comes highly recommended. Its efficiency and design are top-notch, ensuring you get ongoing value for your money, and removing or reducing the need for professional pest control visits.

These traps can be purchased direct from www.goodnaturetraps.co.uk

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A18 Goodnature Grey Squirrel Trap Review

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