What Should I Ask When Making a Pest Control Enquiry?

What Should I Ask When Making an Enquiry With a Pest Control Company? What Should I Ask When Making a Pest Control Enquiry? It is unlikely that many people would have considered what they should be asking a pest control company, at least until they have pest activity and need prompt advice. However, asking the right […]

Bird Mites

Bird Mites Bird Mites or Bed Bugs? We regularly get contacted by customers who think they have bed bugs. However, the cause of the problem is often bird mites not bed bugs. What Are Bird Mites Bird mites is the collective name for several types of mite that are parasites of different bird species.  They […]

Mole Pest Control

Moles, Molehills and Tunnels Whilst moles appear sweet and gentle to some, moles, molehills and tunnels cause significant issues for property owners and farmers. It is for these reasons that mole pest control is important. The tunnels can collapse resulting in accidents and injury to people or animals, whilst the earth mounds (molehills) they create […]

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