Bees In Buildings

Bees In Buildings During the Spring and Summer each year we receive a huge number of enquiries regarding bees in buildings as we have specialised in working with bees. Most enquiries are about Honeybees, but some are about Bumble bees or other types of bees. We should make clear from the outset, for several reasons […]

Flea Control

Flea Control Your Guide to Understanding and Combating Fleas ¬†Experiencing an unusual amount of scratching from your pet or spotting tiny jumpers on your carpet can signal an unwelcome flea presence in your home. Fleas, while small in size, pose a significant challenge due to their complex lifecycle, making them a formidable foe for both […]

Northampton Honey Bee Removal

Northampton Honey Bee Removal Introduction In the bustling Eastern District of Northampton, a colony of honeybees had made an unexpected home in the external wall of a second floor flat, much to the consternation of its residents. This detailed account provides insights into a non-invasive, environmentally friendly, and safe method employed to deal with such […]

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