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Asian Hornets and the Danger to our Honey Bees – A Growing Concern for the UK

Asian Hornets and the Danger to our Honey Bees – A Growing Concern for the UK The Alarming Presence of the Asian Hornet The UK is currently facing an increasing threat from an invasive species that poses significant risks to our ecological system—the Asian hornet (Vespa velutina). Originally from Southeast Asia, this predator has made […]

Effective Pest Proofing Strategies for Properties

Effective Pest Proofing Strategies for Properties Recently, iX5 Pest Control has observed a notable increase in enquiries from commercial property management companies, confronting the challenge of rodent infestations within their buildings. A pest infestation can not only compromise the structural integrity of the properties but also lead to considerable distress among the occupants due to […]

Rats Love Kitchen Extensions

Rats Love Kitchen Extensions Home renovations, particularly kitchen extensions, are a popular way to enhance the value and functionality of a home. However, these structural changes can sometimes lead to unforeseen complications, such as permitting unwelcome guests into your home—pests, specifically rats. In this blog article we take a look at a recent case of […]

Rats and Drains

Rats and Drains You may or may not be aware but rats live in the main sewage / drainage network and can often find their way out of this through various ways, into your property. They can be found in both the foul and surface water drainage systems. Drainage defects account for around 70% of […]

Do Chickens Attract Rats?

For many in the UK, keeping chickens is not just a hobby, but a passion. The fresh eggs and the joy of watching these feathered friends cluck around the garden are just a couple of reasons why people love them. However, there’s a pressing concern that often surfaces: Do chickens attract rats? It’s a valid […]

Bees In Buildings

Bees In Buildings During the Spring and Summer each year we receive a huge number of enquiries regarding bees in buildings as we have specialised in working with bees. Most enquiries are about Honeybees, but some are about Bumble bees or other types of bees. We should make clear from the outset, for several reasons […]

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